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Principal Full-Stack Rails Engineer (Remote) at Mitre Media

  • Full-time
  • Remote, +/- 3h from Eastern Time
  • $140k - $170k USD

Mitre Media has been servicing U.S.-based individual investors, financial advisors and large asset managers for over 10 years. We own and operate, and other investing domains, which provide free data, content and tools about stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. Our advertising clients include the world’s largest asset managers like BlackRock and Vanguard, who leverage our unique audience and advertising solutions. We also offer subscription services for premium investment tools, research and data.

Are you interested in the financial technology that helps millions of investors each year? Do you want to learn more about investing yourself? Send us your application and we’d love to connect!

The investment community is engaged, passionate and huge. Our average user spends over 5 minutes per visit and bounces less than 10% of the time. They are doing 10-20 hours of research per month and in total there are 40 million brokerage accounts in the U.S. Our team takes pride in knowing that we’re helping people with something they care about and this fosters a culture of trust, meaning and dynamism.

We are looking for an entrepreneurial spirit who is attracted to the investing industry and motivated to make an impact with their development skills.

About The Role

Mitre Media is a remote company. Our team hails from a variety of locations including the U.S., Canada and Europe. Where we have team members located close to each other (e.g. Toronto), we like to balance "work from home" with frequent meetups at work spaces because in-person is also important to us.

We're welcoming remote candidates within +/- 3 hours of the Eastern Time zone to apply.

This role requires an expert knowledge of Ruby and will be reporting directly to our CTO. The ideal candidate brings not just expert Ruby skills, but also a proven ability to set up highly organized codebases with strong conventions.

You will be working within a microservices architecture, which takes care of rendering, data management, user management, payments and analytics. You love that most of your time is writing code and being responsible for the code base. You communicate clearly with colleagues, easily work across teams, and lend a helping hand when needed.

Day-to-day, the purpose of this role is to build the user experiences found on the Mitre Media portfolio of brands. We use ShapeUp to keep track of project scope, which means that we trade scope for on-time projects.

Here are some things we’ve worked on recently:
- Leverage Ruby proc to build a flexible classification methodology for investment securities
- Integrate StimulusJS with Rails to power fast asynchronous responses to user’s investing behaviors
- Build an API that connects user generated data with the data management platform
- Aggregate complex financial data within our ETL platform to improve maintainability and reliability

Back-End Technologies (Required)
- Ruby
- Ruby on Rails
- Elasticsearch
- Redis
- Docker

Front-End Technologies (Required)
- Stimulus JS or Javascript ES6
- Tailwind CSS

Nice to have Technologies
- Kubernetes
- Microservice
- React
- Graph Database

Soft Skills
- Entrepreneurial
- Natural leader
- Builder / Problem solver
- “Get things done” mentality
- Passion
- Excellent communication
- Team player
- Attention to detail

About Us
Mitre Media owns and operates premium financial media brands,,,, and Propelor. Our brands help financial advisors and individual investors make informed investment decisions about stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds and 529 accounts.

Powering our brands is the Mitre Platform, which was created to incorporate traditional content management, financial data, first party data, ad revenue generation and subscription software capabilities all within rich media experiences that delight and retain users.

Ad Partners: Our brands attract financial advisors and individual investors deep in the investment purchase funnel. By combining our highly relevant audience with industry leading 1st party data, advanced targeting and innovative executions, our channel delivers unrivaled marketing program performance at scale for the world’s leading financial brands.